Banks – top US banks

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co


With a total estimate of US $2.36 billion, JP Morgan Chase & Co is the largest bank in the entire U.S. The multinational banking company is located in New York City and is said to be the most valuable bank in the world. The brand is used by asset management, private banking, wealth management, investment banking, and treasury services.

Bank of America


The American multinational financial and banking service is the second largest banking company in America due to its assets and total revenue. As the 11th largest company in the world, Bank of America provides services in more than 5,000 banking centers, cell centers, and online platforms.

Wells Fargo & Co


As the world’s second-largest bank by capitalization and the third largest by U.S. assets, Wells Fargo offers deposits, home mortgages services, and debit cards. Wells Fargo’s variety of deposit products, investment, and loan services are hard to beat. According to Forbes Magazine Global 2000, Wells Fargo is ranked at the seventh largest public-run company in the world.



When compared to other banks on the top list, Chase’s $12 checking fee is quite high. However, the bank offers a large variety of services that result in easier banking options and convenience. Chase offers more than 5,200 business centers with a low rate of 0.02% APY CD.



Citibank offers an extensive variety of services, including student and secured cards, rewards, credit card choices, travel and business credit cards. The bank also offers several options for investments. While Citibank has one of the highest fees for checking, it also has one of the highest CD rates at 0.15% APY.

Midwest Bank


First Midwest Bank is one of the few financial institutions on the top list with no fee for checking. Through the Allpoint network, First Midwest Bank offers more than 50,000 ATMs across the nation.